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The fire department is always looking for active members to help with both emergency and non-emergency activities. If you cannot function as an actual fire fighter, you may be helpful to us in assisting with our moneymaking activities. For more details or even to volunteer, please contact Richard Lohr, Fire Department President, or James Karashowsky, Fire Chief.

Membership Application

Richard B. Lohr, President
1025 Barn Street
Hooversville, PA 15936
814-798-8541 (Home Phone)

James A. Karashowsky, Chief
108 Kaufman Dr.
Hooversville, PA 15936
814-798-3295 (Home Phone)

Hooversville Volunteer Fire Department
P. O. Box 14
Hooversville, PA 15936

The Hooversville Volunteer Fire Department is always Looking for Additional Drivers/Pump Operators, especially during the Daylight Hours.